The reprogramming aims to optimize not only the power and engine torque, but also other important values such as responsiveness of the engine, dynamics and fuel consumption, paying special attention to the answer that the driver wants to get from the driving.

By the term optimization, we understand revise the original parameters of the controller, providing corrections if gaps or irregularities are detected.

The reliability and safety of the works done will be certified 100%.

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The continuous evolution of vehicles implies an increase of the electronics in all its components and a greater professionalism and competence on the part of the chiptuners of the automotive sector. ElectrónicaCar offers technical training to mechanics who wish to obtain a complete preparation to be always up-to-date with the most advanced electronic technologies of the vehicle and thus be able to grow within the world of chiptuning.

Support and Database

Our qualified technicians can solve any conflict with the professionalism and necessary competence in the face of serious or unsolved problems, making a specific diagnosis for each brand and model, offering a personalized support and assigning a technician to attend to the needs of the client, in order to reach the solution in the fastest and most accurate way.

Our database is one of the latest innovations, as it does not offer general and confusing information, but rather it aims to simplify the most specific processes.

Research and Development

Our 20 years of experience and service in the research and development of tools and programs, allow us to reduce the time of problem solving.

The main differentiating element that distinguishes our business is the presence of a 4x4 dynamometer. The optimizations in this unit follow very specific criteria, being able to realize them and to extract to them the maximum performance thanks to our knowledge and studies in electrical engineering. This makes this delicate work a true art.

The test bench and various analyzes allow us to track in real time the progress of the vehicle and enhance the most important values that characterize it.


The constant interaction with the reprogramming workshops and the quality tools allow us to understand the technical needs, obtaining a very precise diagnosis about the operative and the tools to be used. This, applied to our reprogramming service and programs in switchboards, lambda, potentiation, consumptions, among others, allows us to offer a response, work and a high quality service.

ElectrónicaCar Dealers